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Life Sometimes – Turkey, 2017

director: Cem Hakverdi

Music: Deniz Gungoren


City life is tough. City dwellers all around the world dream of escaping to the country. Istanbul’s Merve and Haluk do more than just dream. We follow them for two years as they experience many surprises as they transition from city to country life. While they are leaving the country for their dreams, they leave astern what they have and as a viewer, we observe the chaotic city and their ideal world which they produce for themselves.



Cem Hakverdi

Cem Hakverdi


Cem Hakverdi was born in Istanbul, in 1982. He received his BA in Television Journalism from İstanbul Bilgi University in 2008.  In 2012, he received his MA in cinema and he received his DFA in cinema and television, in 2018.  His MA research topic was “propaganda and popular cinema”. He is now working as a lecturer in İstanbul Bilgi University. He has also working on audio-visual projects as a film editor and director of photograph.