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Open stage  Ohliuva

Open stage is located next to the "Sea Casino" Cultural Center. It has about 350 seats and a possibility for a large number of standing spectators. Suitable conditions are provided for various cultural events - day and evening concerts, children's events, performances and more.

Sea Casino Culture Centre

One of the most symbolic and memorable buildings in Burgas is the Sea Casino, located on the central alley of the Seaside Park.

The modern halls and open spaces host concerts, theatre plays, film showings, exhibitions, book readings, creative studios, classes, festivals and many others. 


St. Anastasia isl.

St. Anastasia Island is located in the Burgas Bay in the Black Sea. It is a volcanic rock island, 12 meters high, at some places up to 17 meters high, and its area is almost 9 decres. Between 1959 and 1990 it was known as Bolshevik Island. It is surrounded by mystery and there are hundreds of legends and stories about it.

Georgi Baev Gallery

The Gallery is immediately next to the Seaside Park and the city centre.

It’s located in a recently renovated and newly equipped building which hosts over 40 of the artist’s paintings. Besides the exhibitions presented in the house itself, there are visiting collections, showcased in the museum garden, which hosts various culture events, adding to the artistic nature of the Gallery Museum and turning it into a favourite place for art lovers.