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HE SAID “MOMMY” – Russia, Georgia, 17′

director: Arsen Agadjanyan

writer: Arsen Agadjanyan

producer:Tamara Gogichaishvili

The plot of the film takes place in a small patio in the center of the southern cosy, sunny city. The frontman of the friendly family decides by any means to find out a possible new lover of his daughter. He is allowed to drink, be angry and know moderately. But he is ready even to fall out with his neighbor and best friend in order to make his daughter happy. But neither he, nor their neighbors, who also worry about the girl, even imagine who is the girl’s loved one.

Arsen Agadjanyan


Arsen Agadjanian was born 17.07.1970 in Charentsavan city of the soviet socialistic Republic of Armenia. He is the Doctor of Historical Sciences, but without education in the field of cinema. He is married and has 4 children. In 2016 he came out as a director of the feature film “Honey-Money”. The film took part at Ongler Film festival in France and Montreal in Canada and was awarded by the special jury award at one of the most top of range Russian festivals “Window to Europe”.