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Portugal / 2020 / 122

Director: Joao Nuno Pinto

Writer: Joao Nuno Pinto; Fernanda Polacow; Gonçalo Waddington

Cinematography: Adolpho Veloso

Music: Justin Melland

Cast: João Nunes Monteiro; João Lagarto; Filipe Duarte; Alfredo Brito

Producers: Paulo Branco; Ana Pinhão Moura; Mario Peixoto; Enrico Saraiva


Dreaming of great adventures and of standing up for his homeland, a young Portuguese man enlists in the army during World War I and is sent to the front line in Mozambique, Africa. Left behind by his platoon, he sets out on a grueling trek across the mystic Makua native land, walking for over a thousand kilometers, in search of his dream.


João Nuno Pinto

João Nuno Pinto


João NUNO PINTO (1969, Mozambique) moved to Portugal at the age of five, shortly after the former colony’s independence. He started working in advertising as an art director, and his career as a filmmaker took off when he graduated as a director from the New York Film Academy. Having directed several television commercials, he debuted with his first feature, América (2010), an ironic look at contemporary Portugal through the eyes of illegal immigrants. It is considered one of the most successful Portuguese films of all time and has won awards at several film festivals worldwide. The story for Mosquito (2020) was inspired by Nuno Pinto’s grandfather, who fought for the Portuguese in World War I.


Skype Me (2008, short), América (2010), Keaton Henson: Don’t Swim (2014, short), Mosquito (2020)

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