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Bulgaria / 2020 / 18′

Director: Borislav Kolev

Writer: Deian Enev; Borislav Kolev

Cinematography: Rali Ralchev

Music: Nikolai Ivanov OM

Cast: Marian Krumova; Lyuben Chatalov; Alexander Tonev; Eli Kolev; Vladislav Karamfilov _ Vargala

Producers : Maria Landova


Konstantin is old and very ill. He is on his deathbed and his feels that it’s time to say goodbye to the world. He asks his wife Helen to bring him a priest. But there is no priest in their small village. The local shop owner leaves for the town to find a priest but the time is running away.

A girl and a boy come for a short vacation in the next house. They are about twenty and in love. The young lovers meet Helen. They ask her about the abandoned boat in her yard. She tells them that her husband Kostantin built the boat a long time ago. He was dreaming of sailing around the word in it. But his calculations were wrong and the boat doesn’t float. Then Konstantin told his wife: “There is no God. A God would never do this to me.”

Helen prays to the Blessed Virgin image at her house. She prays for Konstantin. She prays for him being alive when the priest comes. But the priest doesn’t come…

The desperate Helen asks the city young lover boy in the next house to pretend to be a priest. Her husband can’t see clearly anymore and is she tells him that the boy is a priest the old man will believe her. And his soul will find solace.

Helen and the boy enter the dying man’s room…

Borislav Kolev

Borislav Kolev


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