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The Secret of Happiness – Romania, 90′ 2018

Director: Vlad Zamfirescu

Writer: Alexandru Popa

Cinematography: Catalin Simioana

Cast: Vlad Zamfirescu; Irina Velcescu; Theo Marton

Producer: Cristina Dobritoiu


A beautiful night. Silence. The sky is full of stars. Outside the weather is warm, pleasant, relaxing. After a day’s work, two friends sit on the balcony and smoke a joint. They are enjoying themselves. They are fond of each other. They have a history together. Neither one is afraid of disappointing surprises from the other one. And yet, Tom (the host) is skilled at disguisedly pouring, drop by drop, subtext after subtext. In a Machiavellian fashion, Tom has prepared for that night some sort of a truth-hoax.



Vlad Zamfirescu

Vlad Zamfirescu


Vlad Zamfirescu was born on March 1, 1974 in Târgu-Mures, Mures, Romania. He is an actor and director, known for THE SECRET of HAPPINESS (2018), The Rest is Silence(2007) and You Are So Beautiful (2005).