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Year Of The Monkey – Macedonia, Czech Republic  92′ 2018

Director: Vladimir Blazevski

Writer: Vladimir Blazevski

Cinematography: Dimo Popov

Cast: Igor Angelov; Bereda Reshit; Marija Kohn; Faik Mefailoski; Elena Trajkovska

Producers : Vladimir Blazevski; Valon Bajgora; Mina Djukic



A mild political satire about a peculiar friendship between a lonesome monkey and an (impoverished) zoo warden, and about an upside-down world in transition as seen by a chimpanzee.


Vladimir Blazevski

Vladimir Blazevski


Born in 1955, in Skopje, Macedonia. Studied film direction at the Academy of Film, Theatre, Television and Radio in Belgrade (1978).
Since graduating he has worked as a filmmaker, turning out several documentaries, commercials and a series of TV programmes. He has also been teaching film at university level since 1994.
He was involved as co-screenwriter on Ivo Trajkov’s The Great Water (2004), among others. He also directed the feature films Hi-Fi (1987) and The Revolution Boulevard (1992). (Karlovy Vary Film Festival)


Awards and nominations

  • 2012 – Sofia Film Festival – winner
  • 2011 – Karlovy Vary International Film Festival – winner
  • 2011 – Tirana International Film Festival, AL – winner
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