Devina Vassileva

Bulgaria Ι 20′ Ι 2020

This is a story about toxic family, about control and freedom, in the heart of every home – the kitchen.

frigid + rigid + fridge = FRIDGID

The refrigerator, always in the frame, is the centrepiece home appliance that serves to conserve in coldness, preventing change. Such is the character of the Father: rigid, fearful and cold, fearing change, thus making him controlling and toxic for his loved ones. This is a story about love and that often when we think we do good, we end up causing damage. In the end, it doesn’t matter. People leave and what is left is bitterness and regret.

Director: Devina Vassileva

Writer: Devina Vassileva

Cast: Denis Hayat Izetov; Vassil Vassilev – Zueka

Producer: Devina Vassileva